shredding phoenix arizonaWhat Needs Shredding

Every business produces proprietary information that requires shredding once its usefulness has expired. In fact, companies are legally bound to destroy confidential documents related to their employees or clients.

When these laws are ignored and information ends up in a dumpster, a business exposes itself to the dual risk of criminal exploitation and civil prosecution-as well as the loss of credibility in the eyes of valuable clients. Protect yourself using our secure paper shredding services.

In order to mitigate risk, secure papers and documents on the personal, corporate, and client levels should be destroyed on a regular schedule, as soon as it has outlived its usefulness. Incred-A-Shred provides a secure paper shredding service.

No matter what type of data your business generates-the information you choose to protect when in use should also be protected when you discard it!

Examples of secure documents to shred:

  1. Account records
  2. Addresses
  3. At Home Paperwork
  4. ATM receipts
  5. Audits Bank account information
  6. Bank statement
  7. Bank statements
  8. Brokerage account information
  9. Business plans
  10. Cancelled checks
  11. Client Data
  12. Competitive information
  13. Computer records
  14. Computer reports
  15. Contracts
  16. Correspondence
  17. Credit reports and histories
  18. Credit card numbers
  19. Debit card numbers
  20. Dental records
  21. Diligence files
  22. Drivers license numbers
  23. Employee pay stubs
  24. Employment records
  25. Executive correspondence
  26. Fax machine ribbons
  27. Files and records
  28. Financial records
  29. Insurance policy data
  30. Insurance records
  31. Intellectual property records
  32. Internal memos
  33. Inventory lists
  34. Investment documents
  35. Invoices
  36. Legal documents
  37. Market research
  38. Marketing material
  39. Medical records
  40. New product information
  41. Obsolete collateral
  42. Obsolete contracts
  43. Official notices
  44. Passport number
  45. Payroll records
  46. Personal Information
  47. Personnel files
  48. Phone records
  49. Photographs
  50. Planning documents
  51. Presentations
  52. Price lists
  53. Proposals and quotes
  54. Proprietary documents
  55. Purchase receipts
  56. R&D files/data
  57. Receipts
  58. Resumes
  59. Sales forecasts
  60. Social Security numbers
  61. Tax forms
  62. Tax records
  63. Telephone number
  64. Training information
  65. Travel itineraries
  66. Used airline tickets
  67. Voided checks
  68. X-rays

Non-Document Destruction

  1. Casino chips
  2. Cassette tapes
  3. CD-ROMs/CD-Rs/DVDs
  4. Computer backups
  5. Computer Hard Drives
  6. Microfiche
  7. Product samples
  8. Prototypes
  9. Videotapes
  10. X-Rays

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Almost everything! If it's important to your business or personal life, it's important to be shredded.




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shredding phoenix arizona